"Historia e Skënderbeut" by Marin Barleti

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Genre: History/Biography

Author: Martin Barleti

Description: 1560 and 1596, Marin Barleti's "History of Skanderbeg" was published in English. With his vast work "Historia de vita et gestis Scanderbegi," published in 1508, he may be considered the father of Scanderbeg studies. Exaggerations, panegyrical style, and manufactured utterances have all been criticised throughout history. This was translated into many European languages and republished numerous times in the 1500s, but it was not until 1596 that it was fully translated into English by Zachary Jones, a contemporary of Edmund Spenser and William Shakespeare.This 1596 edition included an Edmund Spenser sonnet to Scanderbeg, which Albanian academics have known since 1968, when it was translated and published by both Skënder Luarasi and Androkli Kostallari.

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