"Historia dhe përshkrimi i Shqipërisë së Epërme ose i Gegërisë" by Hyacinthe Hecquard

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Genre: Historical Nonfiction

Author: Hyacinthe Hecquard

Description: Published in 1863, this book deals with the history of upper Albania.

Upper Albania, also known as White Albania and Guégaria, borders the Vomitor and Bielopoglie Mountains in the north, the Adriatic Mountains in the west with Montenegro, the Scombi in the south, and the Mountains in the east, which end at Plava after having left Ochrida. Vast groups of the pachaliks in Prizren and Monastir and in Scutari are in Upper Albania.

The author dealt primarily with the latter, whose ethnic composition, customs, and political organization is the least known and the most interesting, which differ in every mountain and district.

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